At present, Anpulley OAP have developed more than 600 different models, covering more than 95% requirements in the global aftermarket. In addition, we can design and supply customized OAP products. We have the core technologies and patents that our OAP is competitive in price and quality. 

Trust and choose us, you will gain the following advantages.

Standardized products

Excellent structural design and modular clutch unit.

It can directly replace traditional pulleys and other similar products without adjusting the gear train.

Fast sample and finished product delivery.

Appearance is more easily recognized by customers.

Validated high quality

We have great design, manufacturing and verification capabilities with independent intellectual property rights and patents.

It has been verified by alternator manufacturers and put into use.

Excellent performance and long lifetime

It has the same performance as similar OEM products.

240,000 km design lifetime.

After a total of millions of kilometers of road tests, to ensure the stable and reliable use of the vehicle.

Aftermarket 2 years warranty over 100,000 km.

Competitive price and service

Compared with similar products, the price is competitive.

Rapid response and professional service capabilitiesto ensure customer satisfaction.



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